Adding participants to a space can be done either in Slack or directly in Workast - however, if you add a participant in Workast, they will not be automatically added to the Slack channel. Users should be manually added to the Slack channel.

Adding a participant to a channel/space in Slack

  • Invite participants to your Slack channel as you normally would - either by using the "invite others to this channel" option at the top of the channel, by clicking on participants at the top of the screen, or by clicking on the settings button.  You can also create a channel message and tag them with @(name) and you will get a Slack pop-up, asking if they should be added to the channel.
  • Once in the Slack channel, the user will automatically be added to your space in Workast when they are either assigned a task, or if they click on a task in the channel.  
  • As participants in a Slack channel will be able to access the Workast space simply by clicking on a task in the channel, new private channels or lists should be created for tasks where limited access is required.