Editing a list/column name

To edit a list/column name:

  • You must be in the list view of the space.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the right side of space, parallel to the list name.
  • Select "Edit name."  Your cursor will move to the list name, which you can now edit.  Make any necessary changes, and hit enter to save the new list name.  

Moving lists and columns

To move a list or column to a different position within the space:

  • Open the space in the web app.  You can be in either the list or the board view.
  • In the left-hand taskbar under the space name, you'll see the list/column names.  In the diagram below, "Accounting" is the space name, and "Last Quarter," "Current Quarter," "On Hold" and "Next Quarter" are the list/columns. 

  • To move a list/column, click on the three lines next to its name.  (You must click on the lines, clicking on the list name will not work.)
  • Drag and drop the list to the desired position.
  • Please note that lists can only be moved within the same space.
  • You can also move a list up or down within the space by clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of the list name in the list view and then selecting "Move up" or "Move down." 

To learn how to delete a list, or set a list as default, click here

To learn how to move tasks, click here.