Tags are a great way to quickly label and identify tasks.  Tags are shared by your entire team, and an easy way to share information quickly about a task . Here is how to create a tag: 

  • Click on a task to open up the task details panel.  Click on the tag icon on the top of the panel.

  • This will open the tag panel in the task.

  • Press the + next to the tag icon.  The tags currently in use in the space will appear.  Click on "Show All" to show all of the tags available in the team.
  • To use an existing tag, select the tag that you want to use.  The tag indicator will appear next to the task number, visible even when the task details are minimized.

  • To create a new tag, start typing your tag title, then click +Create tag.
  • The tag creation dialogue will open. Pick your tag color, or pick on the + to customize your color.
  • Click "Save" to complete creating your tag.

For information on how to edit tags, click here.