Completing tasks using the message menus

  • To bring up a list of tasks in a channel, type /todo list. You can also bring up the tasks in your personal space in any channel by typing /mytodo list. Either command will bring up a list of tasks.
  • Once the list is shown in the Slack channel, click on the ellipses (three dots) next to the task to bring up the task menu.
  • Select "Complete" to complete the task.
  • The channel will be shown a notification that the task is complete. (Click here to learn how to turn off that notification.)

Tasks can also be completed from their task creation message.  Click on the task menu (ellipses) and select "Complete" to complete the task.

Quick tip - You can also quickly complete a task from your Daily Reminders in Slack.  Just select the task from the daily reminder list to complete it. 

Tasks can also be completed in the web app.