To import your Trello board into Workast, you'll need to:

  • Add the task importer into the space where you'd like to import the tasks
  • Save your Trello board as a JSON file
  • Import the saved file into the space

Workast will import the list names, task names, task descriptions and due dates from Trello.  Assignees and the various attachment types will not be imported at this time.  

How to add the task importer to a space

  • Open the space in the Workast web app where you'd like to import tasks.  (You will need to add the task importer to each space individually.) 
  • Click on the ellipses (three dots - the apps menu) at the top of the space and select "Manage apps."


switch from trello to workast

  • This will open the apps dialogue for the space.  You'll find the apps that are not added to your current space under the "Add new apps" heading.  Find "Import tasks" then click "Add" to add the importer to the space.  

better alternative to trello

  • Click X on to the top right-hand corner of the dialogue to return to the space.  

Saving your Trello board

Your Trello board needs to be saved as a JSON file so it can be imported into Workast.  To do so:

  • Open the board you would like to import.
  • Go to Board Menu.  Select "More" and then select "Print and Export."
  • Click on Export as JSON.
  • Save the JSON file.

Importing the saved Trello file into your space

  • Click on the ellipses (three dots - the apps menu) in the upper right-hand corner of your space.  Select "Import tasks."

import tasks from trello

  • Next, you'll have to choose where you're importing your tasks from.  Choose "From Trello."

leaving trello

  • Click "Browse" and select your saved Trello file.  When you have your file selected, click "Upload."

trello alternatives

  • Refresh your space as directed. Your imported lists and tasks will be added to your space.

Click here to learn how to import tasks from a CSV file.