Once the work has been completed for a task, you can mark the done as completed in Workast so that the followers of the task can be advised you have finished the work required.

  • Navigate to that task, and click the black checkmark to the left of the task name to mark the task as done.  You can mark multiple tasks as complete, one right after the other. 

  • The completed task will move to the completed tasks tab. 

  • You can also complete a task by clicking on the "Mark complete" button in the top panel in the expanded task view. 
  • You can also complete a task in the board view by mousing over the task, and then clicking on the checkmark. 

How to undo a complete a task

  • You can undo a completed task in Workast by clicking on the green check mark.  This will mark the task as open, and move it back to the list/column from which it came.

  • You can also undo a completed task by clicking the "Completed" button in the task details screen.