Workast offers a team management dashboard for viewing team activity and for managing member roles.  Although all full team members can view the dashboard, only admins can manage member roles. The user who downloaded the app for the team will automatically become the first team admin. 

To learn how to add guest accounts, click here.

Accessing your team's dashboard

You can access the team dashboard by clicking on your name in the top left-hand corner of the web app, and selecting "Manage (Your team.)"  

Navigating the admin dashboard

Your admin dashboard will show you all of the users in your current Workast department. There are three different user categories that can be viewed in the dashboard:

  • Active - the default view showing all users in your department who have used Workast and who have not been deactivated.
  • Deactivated - users whose accounts have been deactivated either by an admin or if their Slack account has had a status change.  Deactivated users cannot access the team's Workast.
  • Admin - only those who have administrative access.

Results can be viewed in either ascending or descending order by alphabetical order.  To change user type views, click on the "Active" button and select the user category that you would like to see. To change between ascending and descending order, click on the Ascending/Descending button.

Changing user status

User status can be changed by members with admin privileges only, and you cannot amend your own status. The following changes can be made:

  • Changing a member to an admin
  • Changing an admin to a member
  • Deactivating a team member or guest
  • Reactivating a team member or guest

*Please note: By deactivating a member, they will lose access to your team's Workast website, be removed from all spaces, and will be signed out the web app the next time they take any action on the page, or when the page is refreshed.  Should a deactivated user become reactivated, they will still be removed from the individual spaces in which he/she was a member, and will need to be re-added. 

To change a user's status, an admin can do the following:

  • Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) to the right of the user's name.  
  • Available options to change their status will appear.  Click on the option that you would like to select.
  • A dialogue will open, reminding you of the change that will occur, and asking you to confirm the action.  When you deactivate a user, you are also asked to select the reason the user is being removed.
  • Press "OK" or "Deactivate" to confirm the change, or "Cancel" to cancel the action.

To learn how to add additional users to your Workast team, click here.

If you want to change a full member to a guest account or change a guest account to a full member, please contact us and let us know, including the user's name and the email address that they use to log in to Slack.