Notes are a great way to collaborate with your team within Workast.   From meeting notes to sharing media, from checklists to brainstorming, it's a useful way to share information quickly within your team.

Adding the Notes extension

To add notes to a space:

  • Click on the ellipsis (...) to the right of the Tasks tab in your space.
  • Check the box next to Notes to add them to your space. 

  • Once you've added the 'Notes' app to the space, it will show up in a link in the space next to the calendar view. 

Creating a note

To create your note:

  • Click on the 'Notes' link in the space
  • Click on the green "Create" button at the top right to start.

  • A new note will open.  Click on Untitled Note to add your note title.
  • To add content to your note, move your cursor to the text entry portion where it says "Click here to start writing."

Formatting a note

  • To add various formats or attachments, click on the pilcrow (paragraph symbol) ¶.  The paragraph options at this time are:
    1. New paragraph
    2. Heading 1 (large heading)
    3. Heading 2 (smaller heading)
    4. Numbered list
    5. Bulleted list
    6. Checkmark list
    7. Block quotation
    8. Image (insert from a file on your computer)
    9. Simple table creation
    10. Video URL link

  • To add a link, highlight the text then select the link icon or press control/command + K.  Add your link address and click on the checkmark to save it.
  • Addling links to your note
    • To edit a link, highlight the linked text and click on the pencil icon.  
    • To delete a link, highlight the linked text and click on the delete icon (link icon with the X.)

  • Adding a comment to your note
    • To add a comment, highlight text, right-click and select the comment bubble.  Click the checkmark to save the comment.
  • To edit the comment, click on the pencil icon.
  • To delete the comment, click on the delete icon (garbage can.)
  • Comments will be indicated by the yellow highlighted text.

Formatting text in your note

  • To format text in your note, highlight the text and right-click to bring up the menu.  Select the options you want in the menu (bold or italics) or use the keyboard shortcuts - control/command +B for bold, and control/command +I for italics.
  • Highlight text and click "Remove format" to remove the bold or italics.

Inviting your teammates to view your note

  • Click on share.

  • Get a shareable link to your note by clicking on the "Invite users" icon in the top right-hand corner of your page.  Please be aware that recipients must be a member of your Workast team to view the note, and if the note is created in a private space, only members of that space will be able to view the note.
  • You can also right-click the note in the Notes tab in the space and select "Copy Link."

Deleting your note

  • Only the note creator can delete the note.
  • To delete the note, right-click on the note in the notes tab space and select "Remove."  A confirmation will appear, click "Yes" to delete your note.