There are various ways to visit the Workast web application:

  • Workast link: Click here to log in to the Workast Dashboard
  • Slack: Clicking on the task link
  • Slack: Using the "Open in Workast" button after the /todo list command
  • Slack: Clicking the "Login to Workast" button after using the /todo help command
  • Slack: Clicking on the "Open Workast" button in the Slack home screen

Accessing Workast from the task link in Slack

The task summary (title/name) of a task is clickable, and will take you to the Workast web app.

Click any of the links to open the task details page in Workast.

Accessing Workast from a /todo list

To see the to-do list for the channel/space type: /todo list

There is a link to Workast when the list is shown (as well as all of the task summaries being clickable.)

Accessing Workast using the /todo help command

You can type /todo help in any conversation or channel and you will see a link to Workast.

Accessing Workast using the button in the Slack home screen

Click on Workast under apps in your Slack taskbar, the click on "Home."  Clicking on the "Open Workast" button will direct you to the web app.

For information on how to log into our mobile app, click here.