Workast is the ideal place to plan, deploy, and complete a project or an event. You can create a Space for the project, create lists, add team members, and assign tasks all within the Workast web app. Click here to sign up.

Creating a Space 

To create a space in the Workast web app:

  • Click on + next to "Spaces" in your left-hand taskbar

how to create a new space

  • A Space creation dialogue will open.

create a new space or project in workast for project management

  • Name your space.
  • Invite users to your space if desired - type in the names of the users that you would like to invite, and click on the populated result.
  • Select who can join the space.  The default selection is "Anyone on the team" which makes it a public space.  To change the space to private, click the button next to "Only those invited can join the space.
  • Choose what apps you'd like to connect to the space by clicking on the arrow next to "Apps and Integrations" and then selecting "Add" next to the integrations you'd like to add.
  • Click the green "Create" button to finish completing the space.

create a space from slack

To learn how to create a space from a private Slack channel, click here.  

To learn more about creating projects in Workast, click here.